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2007 Starlitter

2009 Royal litter




Firelite's Kennel Proudly presents

The French love affair

A matter of the heart .

       Charles & Pixie            

The stunning Male
SUCH o DKUCh Pearstring With All My 
Has mated with our Pixie
also known as 
Fireflites Mini Mighty Star 



Puppy Number 1: Fireflite's petit Prince des coeurs [Fireflite's little little Prince of hearts]

                                                                            8 Days old


Puppy Number 2: Fireflite's petit bateau de l'amour [Fireflite's little vessel of love]



Puppy Number 3: Fireflite's petit messager de l'amour [Fireflite's little messenger of love]







If you are interested in buying a puppy from us, write an email and tell us about you and your familly/situation.
send e-mailinfo@fireflites.se

  • The Puppies will be delivered according to SKK rules.
  • When they are delivered they are at least 8 weeks.
  • They will have a SKK pedigree.

  • They will be vaccinated.

  • They will have a microchip with id number.

  • They will have an insureance against hidden faults.

  • They will have a certificate from a vetrinary.
  • The people who buy puppies from us will know that we are there for them, and we wish to keep the contact in the future.

  • They are the ones who will help make our puppies into happy healthy individuals.

  • We will be there with advice when wanted, support when needed, and gratulations when deserved.

All copyrights Fireflites 2007

Fireflite's petit Prince des coeurs

Born 2011-01-01

First of the litter to be born 

Birth weight 87 grams.

Opened the eyes 11days old [12/1]

Funny fact: These puppies were born numbered this one has a 1 on its chest.

14 days old

Fireflite's petit bateau de l'amour

Born 2011-01-01

Second in the litter to be born.

Birth weight 124 grams.

Opened the eyes -

Funny fact: These puppies were born numbered and this puppie has II on its chest, it looks like a victory sign or V so the name Vessel came to mind.

8 Days old
14 days  old

Fireflite's petit messanger de l'amour

Born 2011-01-01

Third and last to be born in this litter.

Birth weight 111grams.

Opened eyes -

Funny fact:These puppies were born numbered and this puppy has a 3 on ts chest, in the shape of a laying down 3

it resembles a M so the name Messanger seemed to be just right.

8 Days old
14 days old