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http://www.toy-volgograd.narod.ru/indexe.html Highly recommended, honest and correct site with help for importing dogs, various kennels, cultivation, vaccinations etc..

http://azmirskennel.com/  - Coton De Tulear, Chihuahua, Russkiy Toy

http://www.oooriginal.com/ - Russkiy toy breeder,very beautiful showdogs.

http://www.123minsida.se/careaboutskennel/11664984 - Yorkshire terrier & Miniature Schnauzer

www.caodog.com - Russkiy toy & CAO & Chihuahua(Kennel East Dream & Indzhi) (Divas breeder) 

http://toyterrieri.net/ - Russkiy toy (Kennel Malenkaya-Mafiya)

http://www.kenneldjurgarden.se/ - Russkiy toy & Lwchen (Elvis father lives there)

http://bobaika.rusdog.ru  -russian kennel with very high quality dogs (Russkiy toy)

http://www.kennelgoldstandard.se/  Swedish kennel with very high quality dogs (Russkiy toy)

http://www.naturalchoice.se/ Swedish kennel and the owners of Divas brother (Russkiy toy)

Other helpful sites

http://toy.rusdog.ru - A very helpful indexing site about russkiy toy

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