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I want Beppe to be a part of this kennel too, even if he doesnt contribute with his genes, he will contribute by beeing there an remind me and others of the importance of ethical breeding.

HIS STORY: This male i found thru a advertise and i got interested,but the breeder didnt want me to come and see him , she wanted to just send him by plane to me.two weeks later i was in stockholm,called her and stated to her in a phonecall that I AM on my way now.. somehow i sensed something was wrong.I was working as a personal assistant for a handicapped woman and she came with me. It was very clear that the woman didnt want us there, but i insisted....and entered the house..
it was so filthy, pee and poop everywhere.
when entering the wheelchair accidently pushed a suitcase that was in the hallway so it fell open..in it was dead puppies... i took up my mobile and started filming (sneak filmed) all dogs was deadly scared and shivering...
I tried to talk to her and asked about how many puppies she had, she went out to the garage and came back with a newborn puppy,still wet, and she was holding it by the neck..I took a good look at the dog that i was there to see...and in his eyes i saw a very very faint glimmer of hope.
It was as if someone had punched me in the stomach... i just couldnt leave him there...
i knew that he wouldnt survive another few weeks of the maletreatement there, because he weighted just 800 grams and was a year old.
i bought him (didnt pay full price cause i bargained that the dog was sick).
When we came home i had to take him to the vetrinary, to get rid ofthe flees,tics,eyeinfection,ear scabs,infected 6 centimeter woan (probably from beeing kicked),the fur was like a ragged sock...
1200 euros later he was physically recovering and getting well.
Mentally.. he was afraid of his own shadow, if youy looked at him he started shaking and ran away, he was too scared to even take walks....everyody kept telling me that it would be better if i put him down,because he would never become as a dog should be..but everytime i managed to look him in the eyes i saw surprise...because i didnt hurt him...it has taken two and a half year to help him become a dog again...he is still uncastrated, but will be soon.
He comes from a "wellknown" breeder (who now have a conviction saying she cant own any dogs at all).

TODAY: He still doesnt know how to play as a dog.
He loves us and comes all the time and pokes for attention (witch he gets).
his breeder has used extreme linear breeding, so for him breeding is not a good idea.
Castration went well and already a few daysafter he started behaving like a normal dog, playful like a puppy and he did not fall back into his old behaviour.
FUTURE: His future is bright he will alway stay with us and he is much loved.

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